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Rasun di Sotto (BZ)

Upon request we offer the following massages:


 = Life expectancy or longevity
Veda = Revealed knowledge

Abhyanga is an Indian massage with warm oil that provides multiple benefits: it improves sleep, strengthens the skin, relieves stress, helps increase immunity and accelerates wound healing, strengthens the skin, improves canagione, takes off fatigue and helps to restore harmony balancing the autonomic nervous system.

Standard massage
Relaxing massage lasting 50 minutes.
Partial massage lasting 25 minutes.
Sports massage lasting 50 minutes.

Body scrubs
atural peeling lasting 25 minutes.
Peeling with sea salt lasting 25 minutes.

Massage sole of the foot
ncient Chinese massage that uses his foot reflexology area as to restore the balance of the whole body. In the foot, in fact, it meets all the nerve endings that lead back to the whole organism.

Udvartana is an Indian massage that uses herbal powder to free and clean the pores of the skin around the body.

Jambira Pinda Sweda
Massage with hot bearings, for smooth, silky skin (anticellulite).

Massage with silk gloves used to stimulate the connective tissue and improve blood circulation.

Back massage
Back massage with herbal oil lasting 50 minutes.
Tibetan massage with honey lasting 50 minutes.
Relaxing back massage lasts for 25 minutes.